Sunflower Granny Square

IMG_0771I started this square about 30 years ago. My first-born was an infant, and I saw this pattern in a magazine. Well, needless to say, he and his little brother took over my life and I never completed the afghan. Soooo, fast forward to empty nest, and the long-lost squares. Since I couldn’t find the original magazine anywhere, I resorted to “uncrocheting” it in order to rediscover the pattern. It’s a good use of leftover yarns for the flower petal colors. I had several yellow and purple shades completed but since the dye lots are over 30yrs old, I’m going to finish it out with lots of different flowers colors.

Supplies needed:

Red Heart Super Saver yarn

White 3 skeins

Black 1 skein

Hunter Green 2 skeins

Flower petal colors: 3 skeins total of: dark Yellow, light yellow, dark purple, light purple, pink, burgundy, aqua…whatever colors make you smile!

Crochet hook size  I9  5.50mm


*Remember flowers come in any color you can imagine, but there’s nothing like a sunny yellow sunflower that says “Spring”. 

There was a limited selection of yarns then, you can certainly use your favorite brand and colors. The gauge works best with a slightly stiff, medium weight, non-fuzzy type of yarn.


Row 1: Begin with the black yarn, Ch 5 join to form a loop.

Row 2: Ch2 (counts as dc) 15 dc in the loop (16 stitches) join with a slip stitch in the Ch2. end the black.

Row 3: Join the flower color (yellow) ch2, work 2 dc in each stitch around (32 stitches) join with a slip stitch.


Row 4: Working with the flower color, in the front loop only, (sc, hdc, dc) in the first stitch, (dc, hdc, sc) in the next stitch. This makes a petal in two stitches. continue around making these two stitch flower petals. (16 total) end flower color.

Row 5:  Join the hunter green in the back loop of the flower color round. (behind the petals) 2sc, ch3, skip 2 stitches, 2sc, ch3 skip 2 stitches, continue around join with a slip stitch.

Row 6: Chain 2 (counts as a dc) 3dc in the chain space (4 stitches) ch1, 4dc, ch3, (this makes the corner space) 4dc, ch1, 4dc,ch1, 4 dc ch3, 4dc (2nd corner) repeat around and join with a slip stitch end the green. *you should now have a fairly square shape around your flower.


Row 7: Join the white, chain 3 (counts as dc) 3dc in the ch1 space.Ch1, 4dc, ch3 4dc (around the corners) ch1, 4dc, ch1, 4dc, c1, 4dc, c3, 4dc until you reach the beginning, join with a slip stitch,

Row 8: Ch1, single crochet in each stitch and 3sc in the ch3 corner around, join and end the white.

Viola! or violet whatever your color you used, you just finished a square. Mine measure almost 7″ X 7″, think I’ll make 28 squares so my finished afghan will be about 30″ X 50″ just about right for a nice comfy spring throw!


Using white yarn, join the squares together. Take a couple of laps around the outside in single crochet to nicely finish the edges and as always….