Mr. & Mrs. Snowfrost


The problem with snow people, they melt! Leaving puddles all over your carpet, or you just can’t invite them in. Well, have I got a perfect couple for you, Meet Mr & Mrs. Snowfrost! Perfect house guests for the holidays, and they will only melt your heart!

I honestly don’t remember where this pattern came from, I have made several of them over the years, and do not even have the printed version anymore. I am posting from memory so that you can make your own pair of chubby, sweet snow people. Apologies in advance, if I forget a step. I am crocheting a set as I post in order to get it right.


Supplies needed to make this charming couple:

1/2 skein of 4ply worsted weight yarn white

1/4 skein of green, red, blue or color of your choice for their clothes.

Crochet hook size G

1/4″ ribbon to match or compliment (or you can make a yarn bow)

2-3″ styrofoam balls

2-4″ styrofoam balls

wooden skewer

buttons (I splurged a little and got the sparkly ones) Needle and thread

OR felt and white glue

I am currently in LOVE with the Caron Simply Soft “heather” yarns. They are so soft, and yummy to work with that I am reworking many of my projects again in this yarn. I had purchased this yarn to make a “watermelon” baby blanket for a good friend, and had the green and pink left over. So I decided to use it up by making more “friends” for my friends!


Begin with the white yarn and make two bodies.

Row 1: Chain 41, turn skip 3 chains (counts as first dc) and dc in each chain across. (40 stitches) ch3 and turn.

Row 2: Dc across (40 stitches) ch3 turn again

Row 3-7: repeat row 2 (all dc across 40stitches)

Simple right? you just made the bottom of the snow people now time for a “tuck”

Row 8: Dc in first 5 stitches, decrease by Dc in two stitches as one, Dc in 5 more, decrease by one, Dc 5 more decrease by one, repeat until end (5 decreases = 35 stitches) ch3 and turn

Row 9-11: Dc across (s/b 35 stitches) ch3 and turn

Row 12: Dc in the next 4 stitches, decrease by Dc in two stitches as one, Dc 4, decrease by one, Dc 4, until the end cut off yarn, leaving an 8″ tail.

Pull the tail through the last stitch to fasten off, weave it around the top of Row 12 and pull together  gathering the top of head.  Using the tail sew the back seam, and knot to finish.


Ladies First, Let’s make her a lovely cap and shawl:

Row 1: Using the green Ch 27, Sc in 2nd chain from the hook and in each chain across (26 stitches) *tip: I leave the yarn attached and carry it along since I detest changing colors and having lots of ends.

Row 2: Attach the white and Sc across carrying the green to the other side

Row 3: Pick up the green, chain 3, and Dc in each stitch across carrying the white back along the way.

Row 4: Bring up the white, chain1, Sc in each stitch across again, carrying the green to the other side. Fasten off the white.

Rows 5-7: Dc in each stitch across, Ch 3 turn

Row 8: Dc in next 9 stitches, decrease by one repeat 3 times, Dc in the next 10 Dc. Cut off the yarn leaving another 8″ tail and pull through last stitch to knot. Fold in half, and using the tail, sew back of hat closed.

Whew! you deserve a break, next the complicated part, attaching the Shawl to the cap.

Join the green to the left front corner of cap and sc across bottom of hat (26 stitches if I counted right) Ch3 and turn. *tip: the white stripes should be facing up and over from where you just joined the yarn.

Skip first sc, dc in the nest sc, ch 1 skip next sc, DC, chain 1, repeat across (this is the eyelets for the ribbon) Ch3 turn

Dc in each Dc and 2Dc in each chain space to the end, Ch3 turn

Dc in first dc, ch 1, Dc, ch1, (repeat across) turn and sc across bottom, up the side, across the front of the hat, down the other side and when you get back home….fasten off.

You can make a tie with matching yarn, just chain 50-60 stitches, leave some fringe and weave through the eyelets, I used 1/4″ satin ribbon.


Now for the Mister,  a Hat and scarf:

Row 1: Ch 38 with the green yarn, join with a slip stitch to the first chain (be careful not to twist the chain) Ch3 Dc in each ch across, ch3 (37 stitches counting the Ch3) drop the yarn but do not cut off. *tip: since you’re working in the “round” you don’t have to carry the yarn, just leave it in front and pick it up when you get back.

Row 2: Join the white with a slip stitch and Sc in each Dc, join with a slip stitch, drop the yarn (don’t cut it yet) and pull green back up through the last stitch. Ch3

Row 3: Dc in each sc around, with the green yarn, join with slip stitch, pull up the white, Ch1,

Row 4: Sc with the white in each Dc, join with a slip stitch and fasten off. (now you can cut it) pull up the green yarn, Ch3

Row 5-6: Dc in each stitch around, join with a slip stitch, Ch3

Row 7: Dc next 2 stitches together as 1 around the hat (18 stitches) cut the yarn leaving 8″ tail, pull through to knot. Using the tail, weave around top of hat and pull tightly. (gathering it shut) and secure with a knot.


Make a Pom Pom with the green and white yarn (about 2 fingers in width) and attach to the top of hat. You could also do a tassel, leave it plain, or whatever suits your fancy.


To make the scarf, just Ch60, DC in the 3rd chain from the hook, and in each chain across. Fasten off. Cut and attach fringe to the ends of scarf.


Putting them together is super simple, I cut off a small portion on both sides of the 4″ball, and one side of the 3″ ball to allow them to stand without wobbling, and to allow a flatter surface to glue the head to the body. I also inserted a wooden skewer between the head and body to stabilize them. I sorta like them leaning a bit, I think it gives them attitude! Slip the crocheted white body over the assembled styrofoam. “Dress” them in their outfits making sure the seam is in the back. I added some buttons for eyes and nose, and a couple down the front. You could use felt circles and glue them on. Maybe an orange nose?


This lovely couple is almost ready for a night out on the town. Just sew, glue or attach the eyes, nose and buttons! The best kind of snow people, they don’t melt!



Sunflower Granny Square

IMG_0771I started this square about 30 years ago. My first-born was an infant, and I saw this pattern in a magazine. Well, needless to say, he and his little brother took over my life and I never completed the afghan. Soooo, fast forward to empty nest, and the long-lost squares. Since I couldn’t find the original magazine anywhere, I resorted to “uncrocheting” it in order to rediscover the pattern. It’s a good use of leftover yarns for the flower petal colors. I had several yellow and purple shades completed but since the dye lots are over 30yrs old, I’m going to finish it out with lots of different flowers colors.

Supplies needed:

Red Heart Super Saver yarn

White 3 skeins

Black 1 skein

Hunter Green 2 skeins

Flower petal colors: 3 skeins total of: dark Yellow, light yellow, dark purple, light purple, pink, burgundy, aqua…whatever colors make you smile!

Crochet hook size  I9  5.50mm


*Remember flowers come in any color you can imagine, but there’s nothing like a sunny yellow sunflower that says “Spring”. 

There was a limited selection of yarns then, you can certainly use your favorite brand and colors. The gauge works best with a slightly stiff, medium weight, non-fuzzy type of yarn.


Row 1: Begin with the black yarn, Ch 5 join to form a loop.

Row 2: Ch2 (counts as dc) 15 dc in the loop (16 stitches) join with a slip stitch in the Ch2. end the black.

Row 3: Join the flower color (yellow) ch2, work 2 dc in each stitch around (32 stitches) join with a slip stitch.


Row 4: Working with the flower color, in the front loop only, (sc, hdc, dc) in the first stitch, (dc, hdc, sc) in the next stitch. This makes a petal in two stitches. continue around making these two stitch flower petals. (16 total) end flower color.

Row 5:  Join the hunter green in the back loop of the flower color round. (behind the petals) 2sc, ch3, skip 2 stitches, 2sc, ch3 skip 2 stitches, continue around join with a slip stitch.

Row 6: Chain 2 (counts as a dc) 3dc in the chain space (4 stitches) ch1, 4dc, ch3, (this makes the corner space) 4dc, ch1, 4dc,ch1, 4 dc ch3, 4dc (2nd corner) repeat around and join with a slip stitch end the green. *you should now have a fairly square shape around your flower.


Row 7: Join the white, chain 3 (counts as dc) 3dc in the ch1 space.Ch1, 4dc, ch3 4dc (around the corners) ch1, 4dc, ch1, 4dc, c1, 4dc, c3, 4dc until you reach the beginning, join with a slip stitch,

Row 8: Ch1, single crochet in each stitch and 3sc in the ch3 corner around, join and end the white.

Viola! or violet whatever your color you used, you just finished a square. Mine measure almost 7″ X 7″, think I’ll make 28 squares so my finished afghan will be about 30″ X 50″ just about right for a nice comfy spring throw!


Using white yarn, join the squares together. Take a couple of laps around the outside in single crochet to nicely finish the edges and as always….